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Have you found yourself having more alcoholic beverages than usual over the past year? Have you felt like you lost hope and had difficulties getting the motivation to get out of bed over the past year? Were tasks that used to be simple and routine become more of a burden? Do you feel more isolated and disconnected from our community? Has the use of other substances that numb increased in isolation? You are not alone, even if it feels like it! I want to hear from you what you think would be the most helpful in moving forward to getting back to feeling more like ourselves, finding a renewed or newly found sense of purpose in spite of all the other challenges we had prior to COVID 19. Please share with us how the healing can begin and what areas it would be most beneficial for you! The intent of this workshop would be to discuss what would be the most impactful for healing in our community and then coming back together to talk about the resources, advocacy or support our community would need in order for that to occur. 

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