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COVID-19 has caused unique challenges for everyone, but most significantly for the most marginalized communities. OutReach's The Road Forward initiative introduces RESTORING OUR LIVES - a workshop dedicated to assessing the needs in the community regarding homelessness & housing, job loss & reemployment, food insecurity, and more. After the initial needs assessment there will be a second workshop to discuss the tools and resources available to help us move forward in 2021 and beyond. We look forward to working with you all!

Resources covered in Workshop

Where to Look for Job Opportunities

FoodShare WI

Keys to Successful Interviewing

Qualitied an Employer Looks for When Hiring

Guide to Resume Writing

Coordinated Re-Entry for Single Adults

Modern Chronological Cover Letter

Dane CORE Program - Required Documents

Basic Resume Template

Chronological Resume Template

Dane CORE Program - Eligibility Requirements

Skills Resume Template

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